San Francisco Treat

by sophie

Spent a wonderfully nourishing afternoon in San Francisco with the generous & inimitable Matthew Siegel (see entry of 11/16/09) talking relationships, Judaism, poetry and poetry. Matt took me to Green Apple Books which is (dare I say it?) one of the best bookstores I’ve ever been to. We could have probably explored the place for hours – spent 40 minutes alone in the used poetry section. Invested in the following:

HIV, Mon Amour – Tory Dent
The Throne of the Third Heaven… – Denis Johnson
The Cinnamon Peeler – Michael Ondaatje
The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke
Selected Poems – Robert Duncan
The Book of Nightmares – Galway Kinnell
The Promises of Glass – Michael Palmer
Mosquito – Alex Lemon

(also expecting, via Amazon)

Overlord – Jorie Graham
Dark Things – Novica Tadic

Total spent, including Amazon purchases : approximately $70. Well spent.

Take that, Loneliness! I now feel ready for winter.