Love & Ladies

by sophie

I wanted to share this song with you by Emily Hope Price. I have been listening to it a lot in the past 24 hours. It is a perfect winter song. Although I don’t personally know Emily, she has collaborated with my dear friendAnna Vogelzang, who is coming to play a show in Pittsburgh in a few days, right after Valentine’s Day, which is perfect, because I completely love Anna. We’ve been close friends for five or six years now, although we’ve never lived in the same city. It’s a long story, but the short version is that we fell in, what, creative lady love? When I was going to school in Boston (Anna’s hometown), she was going to school in Pittsburgh (my hometown), and so we’d have these little overlaps on school vacations. Anna’s splendid:

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Lady-singers, I choo-choo-choose you.

edit: Although I didn’t know Annie Palmer when I originally wrote this post, now I do. She has been touring with Anna and her songs are quite beautiful i.e. she deserves to be included in this post about ladies who write songs that stick. Listen.