& learns by breaking

by sophie

My poem Against Desire appears in the latest issue of Pebble Lake Review. There’s a recording there too, of me reading the poem. I think it turned out nicely. Ploughshares just send me proofs last week, as did TYPO. A nice winter/spring publishing.

If you didn’t know, Gigantic Sequins is still open for submission. The other day in workshop, Tony Hoagland said that he wanted “wet blood poems.” Fresh kill. Send me some bloody poems.

Gigantic Sequins will be at AWP, at the bookfair, right next to Wave Books, which is amazing for so many reasons, including the fact that they’ve supported us via raffle donations for the past two years. We’re having a reading too, on Saturday night. More about that later.

I am feeling quiet today, chickadees. Holding stillness. I taught my kids a little about syntax and discursive poetry and Carl Phillips and there’s just so much I do not know. Off to read Transtromer and Moore and more and more.