shine on

by sophie

thank you to everyone who supported gigantic sequins at the houston indie book fest today. nice to meet you. if you’d like to support us further, you can donate to our spring drive i.e. become our friend with benefits. kim southwick, our editor-in-chief, will be at the brooklyn zine fest tomorrow, and she’ll have lots of issues and free stickers in tow. we sold out our 3.1 issue today in houston, so if you’re in brooklyn tomorrow,  you might want to grab that one first… 

i’m excited about the poetry that will appear in issue 3.2, which should be available online & in bookstores by mid-late summer. especially after a day like today, where i say the same thing about the magazine to 100 different people, it strikes me that i truly like how we do things – internet-only process for a print-only product. i like that kim and i have known each other for almost 10 years and only because of poetry. i like being the poetry edtior of a small magazine where i get to create a stage for strangers to present beautiful things, and i’m very much trusted.  it’s a blessing. oh chickadees.  it was a long day in the sun on the field.   but i want to tell you that the gigantic sequins poets of issue 3.2 are gina abelkop, toby altman, tj difrancesco, matthew mahaney,  kate menzies, john myers, rachael nicholas, meghan privitello, jakob vanlammeren, regina vigil, jane wong, and there will also be two collaborative poems from nick strum & wendy xu.

it’s going to be a bloody beautiful issue. we’re getting bigger & brighter.