water matters

by sophie

at chautauqua one week, the theme was water matters. the week was a partnership with national geographic, and we hosted a number of incredible national geographic explorers-in-residence and contributing writers and editors, including sandra postel, dennis dimmek, enric sala, brian skerry, sylvia earle, barton seaver, and don belt.

for millions of Americans in the last 50 years, being ecologically aware meant being viewed as “new-agey” or as a hippie, in the most derogatory sense. being ecologically award meant that you were “crunchy,” you had less of a sense of reality. people acted as if the earth’s health was something only the shallow and dreamy were invested in.  but our earth is deeply, deeply screwed, and if we keep consuming in the way that we have been, there will be nothing left for us to sustain.


it’s not enough to have the knowledge any more. one way  to begin change is with how we eat.  when i hear estimates for when drastically irreversable things are going to happen for the ocean… the year that keeps coming up is 2050. that’s within my lifetime (i hope!). i’ve got to start changing my shopping and consumption habits, and urge others to as well.

what would it mean to do something good for the earth every day? what sorts of small, new choices could i make to move towards a more environmentally-caring lifestyle? how do i go about sharing what i know with others? how do i help to facilitate change? what are you going to do?