by sophie


my friend nick flynn is going to be on a book tour next month for his new memoir ‘the reenactments.’ he’ll be joined by writers & musicians in various cities, including dean wareham, cass mccombs, kristen hersch, david eagleman, bill clegg, penelope houston, jill bialoskyrebecca solnit, and more. i.e. this is not your typical book tour, and thank god, because haven’t we had enough of those. nick hasn’t ever been a teacher of mine, not really, and thank god for that too because i think i’ve learned more from hanging around with him than i would’ve in a classroom. what i’ve gotten from him is the unveiled, uninterrupted babble of someone who is most definitely and entirely in my family of writers, as is gregory orr, as is lynda hull, as is carl phillips. nick’s awfully patient with me as well, and has read more of my work in the past few years (and been more blunt & spot on with criticism) than any formal teacher. so, in gratitude for that, and because his publicists aren’t doing enough to promote this book/tour, i bring you this monday blog post, sponsored by coffee & procrastination.

nickflynn_bysophieklahrnick, boston, 2010. a good egg

oh, and you should buy the book. i haven’t read the latest version, but what i read of it last spring is what i think has come to be expected from nick’s memoirs – something intricately, complicatedly cyclical & meditative & as honest as possible without breaking apart entirely.