by sophie


the magazine where I edit poetry is now in its fourth season. you can pre-order issue 4.1 here, pick up a copy at the AWP bookfair in Boston, or wait until the issue is out then get it at your fine local bookstore. Poets in our 4.1 issue include Rebecca HazeltonÉireann Lorsung, Alex Lemon, Kirk Pinho, Mike Wright, Amelia Bentley, B.A. Crumm, Karissa Morton, Carolyn Fargnoli, Adam Soldofsky, and Toby Altman. There is also a bunch of fantastic art and fiction and non-fiction in this issue, as well as a review of a chapbook by Chuck Carlise. This is my third year of being the poetry editor for Gigantic Sequins, and it’s really such a distinct pleasure.

At AWP, we’ll be hosting an event in cahoots with The Offending Adam (a cool online journal that published some of my work awhile back), and it’s just going to be splendid. If you’re on Facebook, you can find the event under the title The Offending Sequins, RSVP, and come get cozy with us at Johnny D’s in Somerville.

Hope your January is treating you right. My oldest friend is coming to see me from LA this weekend. The cat is snoring in the sun. I am figuring out the right thing to teach teenage poets. Enjoy today.