reading lately:

by sophie

“I don’t really think it’s possible for humans to be at the same time conscious and comfortable. Though we may be moved by nature to thoughts of grace, though art can tease our minds toward eternity and love’s abundance make us dream a love that does not end, these intuitions come only through the earth, and the earth we know only in passing, and only by passing.” — Christian Wiman, at The American Scholar 

“Then I thought, well, what if the world isn’t broken? What if it is in fact quite complete and we simply have to attend to all of its completeness?” – D.A. Powell, interviewed at Lambda Literary 

 “No complaints. No praise. It was just, you had to get from here to there . . .” – Willem Dafoe talks to Michael Ondaatje at BOMB magazine

Red Doc> by Anne Carson. which is both interesting and unsatisfying. Purely interesting if i let it be something entirely separate from The Autobiography of Red. I know I am not alone in this ambivalence. We just so loved the pathos of Geryon, his very visible teen longing. He is older now. I guess we all are.