winter, 2008, photobooth at the warhol museum

by sophie

photob4 photob3 photob2 photob1

i worked in downtown pittsburgh for a winter once. every morning i listened to jackson browne sing “doctor my eyes” driving down the highway from wilkinsburg at the edge above the river. my engagement had just broken up. the office where i worked had no windows. i wasn’t really sure what i was doing. on lunch breaks i went down to the concessions stand outside the imax theatre, bought a large popcorn and coffee and sat looking out the two-story high window at the frozen city. that was the only job i’ve ever had where i fell – one night, leaving a little late, slipped on my heels on the ice in the parking lot and went down. gravel and blood and torn burgundy tights. outside the building was a docked military submarine, available for museum guests to tour. i dreamt of it many times that winter, the black body sinking down into the river.


but you know, spring came after awhile. this too shall pass, they say. even the good stuff.