SingingOverheard, late, this morning: Don’t blameme, if I am everything

by sophie


late, this morning: Don't blame
me, if I am everything your heart
has led to. 
Hazel trees; 
ghost-mothes in the hazel branches.
Why not stay? 

It's a dream I've had
twice now: God is real, as
the difference between 
having squandered faith and having lost it
is real. He's straightforward: 

when he says Look at me when I'm speaking
it means he's speaking. 
He's not unreasonable:

because I've asked, he shows me his mercy--
a complicated arrangement 
of holes and
hooks, buckles. What else did you think
mercy looked like, 

he says and, demonstrating, he straps it on, then takes it off. 

---- Carl Phillips