by sophie




inspiring weekend in sausalito at startuponomics, where i was invited by the generous and brilliant dan ariely to be one of 18 writers who… what did we do? we listened, we wandered, we talked about choices, incentives, loss aversion, the endowment effect. the illusion of explanatory depth. we were not eaten by coyotes and considered feeding an apple to a sea lion.  we stood in the wind. grateful for hours with folks like dan kennedy, writer and host of the moth, poet hugh martin, and fiction writer josh rolnick.  now, barely slept still, packing, still blinking, reading the last of the gigantic sequins submissions for issue 5.1. an arranged car picked me up at the airport & cass called to ask when i was moving in as the car was flying over the golden gate bridge where sailboats were moving like white kites in the water and i thought whose life is this?

wild days. poems forthcoming in southern humanities review, anti-, and miel. more soon. moving away from houston for good early sunday morning. so long xx