by sophie

song: dear-to-me thinker singer musician writer maker cass mccombs has a new album – MANGY LOVE – coming out tomorrow : here. the new york times calls him beckett as a cranky singer-songwriter which is silly / endearing / accurate. cass has many more articulations of creative light than the world has seen yet. i’ll stay mum for now, but hope soon i can tell you about some more mediums his work will appear in. in the meantime, enjoy the album.

act: i dance a lot these days, & have somehow despite total shyness come to speak to those i dance with, which turns out to be a joy. my friend gregory barnett is a beautiful dancer and maker and here is a blog he did for the getty about crafting costumes for the dance artist taisha paggett, on the occasion of her performance mountain, fire, holding still.

word: the poet max ritvo has passed after a long struggle with cancer. i didn’t know him, but i know that he was 25, and used his time brilliantly. i recommend taking some time to yourself with the body of work he’s left.


take care of one another. be honest. sing, make, dance, speak.