by sophie

in my dream, i walk briskly along the streets of my neighborhood with fenced yards and open driveways. groups of ravens on the ground are not startled by my presence. half on the sidewalks, some in driveways. they pay no attention to me; they seem to be waiting for something on their own time, though in each group i see a few ravens in a type of scuffle, and realize that in each group, there is a wounded one. the ravens both peck and nudge at the wounded one, and it is hard to tell if what they do is hurt or help. but i am walking so quickly, carried not quite of my own accord down the street. then, in one yard, a giant moa. its ancient neck is not fully feathered as it should be, but rather has dark sinewy skin revealed. sharp eyes, 9, 10 feet tall, all muscle. people in the house seem to be chatting about it but not threatened. i cross the street away from it, backing away from the open driveway where it stands, and it watches me.

in my dream, the flooring of the studio in the barn is shaky. i have gone into the room meaning to get a rocking chair, to carry into the kitchen, but i realize that each of the boards is being held down by something: if the room were not cluttered with stuff, then the loose and uneven boards would falter and fall. it is not clear if they are at all held in. i report this, but it is not noted to be of much concern. a schedule is being explained to a newcomer. the afternoons are now for work as well. until 6pm, it is noted. i will stay with you for one month, someone tells me.