a synonym for living

some new sonnets in Neck, a limited edition handmade journal from Marfa, TX

parked nebraska


DRV NM Again

poems forthcoming in Foglifter, Gettysburg Review, Frontier Poetry, Alaska Quarterly, and Southern Indiana Review


only the beginning

a new sweater for sale – a fragment from Rilke’s Duino Elegies, translated by Stephen Mitchell- email sophie.klahr@gmail.com for purchase  every angel embroidery

a new benchmark at poets.orgScreen Shot 2019-03-19 at 11.36.06 AM


i have some recent poems in poetry northwest.. 

and this HOWL / Allan Ginsberg tribute is currently for sale…. contact me at sophie.klahr@gmail.com for purchase details.


why not why (for sale)

new sweatshirt for sale. email me at sophie.klahr@gmail.com for details… Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 1.47.24 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-22 at 1.47.09 PM

if not, then winter (for sale)

Now —- For Sale :::: Sapphosappho closeup

hand-stitched lettering in peach, rose-gold, and wheat; M/L upcycled sweatshirt. email sophie.klahr@gmail.com to purchase.

SONG OF MYSELF (for sale)

multitudes close upmultitudes turtleneck wornJPG

this turtleneck is available now for sale – baby blue thread on teal, M/L. Does daylight astonish? You will astonish. Email sophie.klahr@gmail.com for purchase.

Here Shadow, here Eros. Here Thanatos, here Light.

did you know that i embroider things, up-cycle pieces? i do. this one is the latest for sale:

foldederosupcloseerosdesire, deathwearingeros

it is size small, or a slim flat-chested medium. baby pink & periwinkle thread with Greek concepts embroidered. email sophie.klahr@gmail.com for price.


i also do commissions – email me for more details on that too. i think i will have a few pieces when i read in NYC next month, at the COUPLET series with Catherine Barnett, Monica Ferrell, Jennifer Franklin, Donika Kelly, and Tyler Mills. The reading is free, 8 feb, 6pm in the east village.


new year

I am grateful to be the featured poet this month for Voices On Addiction in The Rumpus. There are 4 new poems, and one re-printed from Meet Me Here At Dawn.

here’s a song for you 


2 in the most recent issue of The Cincinnati Review

almost the end now of september

he fades AQRhe wanders AQRshe reels AQRshe wakes AQR

these poems are in the most recent issue of alaska quarterly review, where they appear directly before a poem by olena kalytiak davis, who i modeled so much of my writing after when i was young.

beautiful strange days & grateful for all of it