constant stranger

by sophie

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very pleased to have work in this collection honoring frank stanford & very much looking forward to seeing all of the work included. you can purchase a copy now. here is a description from the editors:  Following the 40th anniversary of the poet Frank Stanford’s premature passing, Foundlings Press has released Constant Stranger: After Frank Stanford, a landmark collection comprising verse tributes to Stanford, seminal and new critical essays, never-before-seen interviews, the first translations of Stanford into Spanish, and a diverse selection of contemporary poetry that follows in Stanford’s wake.  

Contributors include nationally celebrated writers C.D. Wright, Forrest Gander, and Steve Stern; contemporary titan Terrance Hayes and veteran editor Adam Clay; rising stars Noah Falck, Ada Limón, and Sophie Klahr; and pioneering Stanford academics alongside the newest voices in Stanford scholarship. The book also presents new and republished work from and many of the poet’s friends and associates, including wife Ginny Stanford and close friends R.S. Gwynn, Ralph Adamo, Father Nicholas Fuhrman, and others. Constant Stranger is edited by Foundlings Press editor-in-chief Max Crinnin and managing editor Aidan Ryan.